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8:24 p.m. - 11 April 2004
check, check, and check.

a few things...

last week I was driving home from work and found myself behind a rusted, taxicab-yellow Ford Mustang from the late 70s that was so run down it had a WOODEN BUMPER. a wooden bumper, folks, and it was old and worn, and half hanging off on one side because the bolt had fallen out. outstanding.

also I keep seeing a (local?) commercial on MTV, shot in mock-gritty/edgy style, for this website that sells "Christian clothes with an attitude." finally, an alternative to those dirty Jew clothes.

the other day my boss was dictating a letter, addressed to a nun who had decided to pull some of the grant money her foundation gives to my workplace. as he came to the conclusion of the letter he said, "signed, 'Respectfully...should I put 'respectfully?' Or how about, 'Happy Easter, you stingy bitch.'" I love that guy.

my trip to Chicago was the happiest and saddest weekend I've had in some time and I must go into that later on because now I am lazy and The Simpsons deserve my full attention.

as always, more later. someday.

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